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Indoor air quality tests (with lab) & infrared thermography services

Why it’s important to test indoor air quality


Breathing quality air is crucial for health, especially when that air is indoors, where you spend most of your time.

With the presence of gases, chemicals, and other forms of pollutants, which are invisible to the human eye, you are easily exposed to health hazards which can cause eye irritation, fatigue, allergies and even headaches.


The worst part?


Certain types of pollutants can cause serious health issues, which ultimately lead to long-term health concerns and even cancer, if not treated.

What is infrared thermography and why it’s important in a home inspection / How does it work & what it tells us


Infrared thermography is critical for home inspection. It is an imaging technology that uses infrared cameras to measure temperatures without getting in contact with the surface.


This type of imaging technology allows you to see if there are any unusual defects within the structure of a home.

With this type of technology, you’re able to inspect various structural systems such as; plumbing, electrical, HVAC and drainage in your home.


In addition to being able to identify defects, infrared thermography allows you to inspect a home quickly and efficiently. This saves a lot of time when comparing it to traditional more lengthy home inspections.


Due to how this technology works, you will be able to identify flaws and issues, where your eyes normally would not be able to otherwise.


What pollutants and chemicals are tested – ketones, gas, building materials, odorants, etc. (quick breakdown of each, priority on mould, formaldehyde, tobacco, etc.)


Here at Bartnicki Inspections, our goal is to ensure that we test and inspect your home for various pollutants and chemicals. When it comes to taking care of your and your family’s health, you need to make sure that no stones are left unturned.


Using our up to date and advanced technology and equipment, we check for things such as mold, harmful particles in the air, CO2, Radon, and other silent pollutants in your home, which are serious health hazards to the safety and wellbeing of your family.


With our rigorous checks and inspections, we identify if there are serious concerns of any particulates (such as mold, spores, or mites) in the air.


In addition to that, we also go through a process to detect and identify if there are any VOCs, CO2, Carbon Monoxide and Formaldehydes (which are strong smelling gases which are colorless, used when making building materials).


This is critical, even if you’re dealing with a new construction. With our on-the-spot service, we take the matter of protecting your family from chemicals and pollutants very seriously.


Emphasis on children and elderly

If you’re dealing with a family where you have the presence of elders and children, testing your home for pollutants and harmful chemicals is a must.


This happens due to the sensitivity and immune system challenges with such elders and children.


Air Testing in Home Inspections Saint-Lazare, Hudson, Vaudreuil  & Surrounding Areas


Contact Bartnicki Inspections at 514-993-2893 to schedule your home inspection and test your home’s air quality with infrared thermography today. 

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